Our vision is to revolutionise and unify the physical body development in the area of robotics and artificial intelligence.

We build a world-first platform to standardise the full AI-to-Body interface in a humanoid robot, and able to accommodate in-house or third-party AI-driven control "brain".

Our main product called "an Artificial Person" is a universal full-body humanoid robotic platform for general purpose with design directly derived from the human body. We have developed innovative concepts and technologies to enable the achievement of this high goal. We also provide industry specific solutions and customised body parts for the robotic industry worldwide.

On the basis of the same core technology we also develop sophisticated prosthetic limbs for the healthcare industry.

The demand for robotic solutions has been steadily increasing since the beginning of the century, and the trend in stable. We plan to have a multiple product line with offerings targeting domestic use, manufacturing, emergency, as well as variety of other services.

The white paper below outlines our main product vision and solutions.